Magnetic Ball Wall Clock

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Quick Overview

Creative time flying magnetic wall clock
Without hour and minute hand on the dial
The magnetic red ball will walk on the clock board to show the time
Powered by 1 x AA battery (not included)
With hanging hole and base , easy to install

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Do you want to get a creative wall clock to decorate your home to make your home look more cozy? Today I recommend one creative magnetic red ball wall clock to you. This wall clock is different from normal clock we have met, it features a magnetic red ball to mark time. Rather than hands, a single, seemingly gravity-defying red ball travels around the dial to mark the time, creating an eye-catching illusion. Really, why did clocks ever need two hands anyway? In this simple design, when the red ball rolls up next to the 3, it’s three o’clock. When it moves to the hatch mark just beyond the 3, it’s three fifteen. Where ever the ball is on the dial, you’ll know the time. This clock will appeal equally to gadget lovers and fans of modern art and decor.


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